Tipp Kick Battle

Just in time for the football World Championship a not so serious composing for it. I am the complete opposit of a football und my first visit to a stadium confirmed my opinion to keep distance to that sport. Of course I watch the matches with participation, but not more. Photoshop is much cooler ;)

It took me a long time till I got the permission to photograph during a match. Thank to 1. FC Kaiserslautern. I came pretty early before the match started to check the location and get the best position for shooting a panorama. I was pretty impressed by the way all that was organised and I got access to pretty much everywhere. In the end I decided to shoot near the wheelchair users and I could shoot till 10 min after match began.

Although I was perfectly prepared I still had doubts if the panorama worked. So I immediately stitched it together when I got home and it worked! Puh!
Now I could create a concept and scribbled some match scenes into the panorama and defined the poses for the studio shooting. Four friends came into my studio and I photographed them in two different shirts. Then I took photos of the referee and the goalkeeper and finally the two giants with their Tipp Kick figures.

Here you can see the improvised light setup in the studio. The stadium light that lights the giants from below was a bright flash without reflector and only covered with a an umbrella pointing upwards. In addition to that I got two hard flashes for the strip light from left behind and right behind. The hands with the tipp kick figures were photographed seperately with a different light setup because in the arena are different light conditions than above it. 

The players had to be photographed in a flood light setup which is nearly impossible in a studio of 4x4 m floor space. I put a flash in every corner and lit the "field" from above. The studio is only 2,70 m high, actually not enough but it had to work.

All the rest was done in photoshop, watch here: