Powder-puff soccer

Damen Fussball

Our hope for the World Championship. I´m the complete opposit of a football fan so I don´t know if my interpretation of a women team applies :-)
If it turns out that trainings uses to be different against expectations, I say sorry to all the ballerinas out there ;)

All in all the shootings were big fun und my models were highly motivated to mime our german soccer ladies.
The composing was a lot of work on the computer in the end until all looked the way should look. I changed the composition for several times until I was satisfied with the result. The lighting took a lot of time as well because I even neutralised light reflections and draw them in again.
I am often asked how many time I need to finish such a composing so I saved the data: 14 hours in the studio, 28 hours on my computer.

So here´s a short making of: