Photo Breakfast

Photo Breakfast

My new composing in the style of "CCD Cleaning" was produced in only a few days. After the idea came into my mind I boght cornflakes and collected all my lenses to create this breakfast table. In on it again, my fucked-up studio table, a handmade heirloom from my grandma. The table and wall-structure are old friends as well, known the picture "CCD Cleaning".

A lot was photographed at once. Thursday evening after closing time, all was captured in only about 1.5 hours.
The manipulations kept within bounds and so the main work was done after few hours.
Though my employees could take a day off after that dissappointing public viewing I had the Friday to Photoshop.
The day later a bit of precision work and the photo was finished.

output image
The honey and marmelade lenses are from this picture

Why am I able to do those composings? Because I eat a big portion of Adobe´s Frosties every morning. But be careful, they are fattening ;)

In Illustrator I created the Adobe lettering in the style of Kellogs without any pattern. Due to my long lasting vector experience it took me only about 30 minutes. Shadow and the white outline were created in Photoshop.