Bobby Car Challenge

Bobby Car Challenge

In my advertising agency I work for KW Berg-Cup-Group H and once a year we publish the club magazine and created the web presence.

The problem in this composing was that normal race tracks were way too big for the small bobby cars. The driver would look way too small on such a photo. So I decided to photograph a race track for RC-Cars and created the Hockenheimring atmosphere around it digitally.

I got several backlashes so I had to rephotograph some drives and then had endless problems creating the shadows so rephotographed them as well and merged into the final image.

The idea came while I visited the paddock and saw a driver in his outfit standing next to a bobby car. By now I know that there are clubs out there doing that professionally. But only down the hill. I started shooting the RC race track in February 2009 and in March some of the drivers came into my studio. The tribunes from Hockenheimring are from several shootings there way before I started the composing. So I had to duplicate, transform and distort.

In the video you can see what happened next: