Shelby GT-Shooting

Shelby Mustang GTSome readers might already know that I drive a Mustang myself, but not a Shelby with 500 bhp but but the car with small engine with 'only' 300 bhp. ;)

Shelby is for Mustang kind of the racing department with the big engines.

Shelby Mustang GT

The assignment came from Greymarkets, a company in our region that imports US cars and escpecially Mustangs und rebuilds them for the German market. Jürgen Himpel, owner of the company is a very accurate mechanic and businessman. 

They publish a photo calendar every year and it´s the fourth time that I got the possabilty to shoot for it. 

This year they wanted to shoot the cars as they were driving on the road. So we were looking for locations but didn´t find a location that was good for it.

After several  requests on airports, big company areas and so on the time did run out and we decided to shoot on regular street. We found one that was perfectly straight for several kilometres and went for it.

Luckily there were only few cars on the road. We were driving about 70 kilomtres per hour and I shot with the Canon 5D MarkII and the 24-105mm at f4 and 58mm to get the daylight but also the in-motion unsharpness. 

The weather was amazing, we had thunderlouds on the one side and the sun on the other. It couldn´t be more perfect. 

So we went into the PT Cruiser and shot out from the back, GoPro was mounted to the rear window, videograph on the co-driver´s seat. 5D Mark II was connected with the R-Strap around my neck and so everything was safe. I myself was wedged between the sides of the car and didn´t have a bad feeling throughout the shooting.   

The driver of the PT Cruiser was connected to the Mustang via radio. It was arranged that the Mustang always holds the speed and the Cruiser gets in position to shoot. It all worked perfectly and after 30 minutes the images were taken. 

After that we did an on location shooting with model and had a wonderful day with great shots in the end. 

Mustang Shelby GT