I got the R-Strap for a while now and I´m using it very well so it´s time write something about it.

If you´ve got your standard strap, your camera always bounces in front of you while walking. And if you´ve got a heavy lense it can be even more uncomfortable. In addition to that they´re very short as well so if you wanna shoot with your 15mm fisheye-lense from the hip (like I use to do very often) the standard strip simply is too short. 

That´s the reason I was interested in the R-Strap. I goes from your shoulder diagonally down and the camera hangs next to your hip without bouncing. It´s very good cushioned on your shoulder and your neck is free.
It´s even comfortable wearing the cam with battery pack and 70-200 lens.

It´s attached to the tripod socket or directly to the camera.

I´m using the double R-Strap for a while now for shooting weddings with two cameras and can change very fast. The Strap fits perfect. Long wedding saturdays are way more comfortable with that little tool now.
The clou is that you can split the strap in 2 parts and use it separately.

All in all a very good tool to help you having more fun go out and take photos.